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Chee-Wi Learns to Growl

In this touching stop motion animation comedy, little dog Chee-Wi must learn how to stand up for himself when big mean dog Edgar bullies him on the first day of doggie preschool. In the course of the film, we also meet Chee-Wi's mommy and daddy, and his friend the dragon fly, who provide valuable lessons and support as Chee-Wi learns to use his growl assertively with Edgar. In the end, the two young dogs reconcile in a heartfelt truce, and a friendship ensues. The film is made entirely of cut outs drawn and animated by the filmmaker against canvasses she painted as backdrops. It features original music by the filmmaker, her voice as Chee-Wi, and the voice of young actor Leo Jergovic as Edgar. This film is appropriate for all ages.

7 min, CA
Director: Emma Eisner
Producer: Emma Eisner
Cast: Emma Eisner, Jane Wolker, Leo Jergovic, Mark Douglas

Saturday, June 14

10:00am CDT