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Shot against the stunning backdrop of Hawaii, Dress is a poetic and emotional tale of Ben and his two sons as they struggle to cope with the death of his wife Maile. This genuine and thoughtful story explores how this family deals with their loss. In searching for an appropriate way to grieve, Ben creates drama, confusion and a whole new way of remembering Mom.

20 min/HI
Director: Henry Ian Cusick
Producer: Annie Cusick, Angela Laprete Henry Ian Cusick, Matt Locey
Brent Anbe, Wainani Tomich
Associate Producer:
Daniella Stolfi-Tow
 Susan Stanton, Henry Ian Cusick
Henry Ian Cusick, Hermenigildo "Junior" Tesoro, Ho'ano Au, Kathy Young, Kordell Kekoa, Loretta Ables Sayre, Maile Holck, Margaret Jones, Riley Graves-Lock, Valerie Watanbe

Friday, June 13

8:30pm CDT

Sunday, June 15

2:30pm CDT