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US Premiere

Matthew is a 10-year-old British expat living with his mother in a suburban neighborhood in Kuwait. One night after being left alone, Matthew calls on Dalal, a local girl who lives down the street, and seizes an opportunity to sneak away with her hidden in the back of a car. However, what Matthew learns on the trip only alienates him and his relationship with Dalal. Eventually abandoned in the Kuwaiti desert, Matthew is left to deal with the end of a friendship and the reality of his own loneliness.

19 min/Kuwait
Director: Hamad Al-Tourah
Producer: Hamad Al-Tourah
Cast: Tom Batty, Tamara Qabazard, Husain Abul, Rachel Batty

Friday, June 13

6:00pm CDT

Sunday, June 15

12:00pm CDT