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LaDonna Harris: Indian 101

LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 is the first ever documentary about Native activist and national civil rights leader, LaDonna Harris. After moving from Walters, OK to Washington DC and the powerful world of politics via her US Senator husband, Harris began an extensive and very public life of Indian political and social activism.Harris' introduction to the federal government began when President Lyndon Johnson assigned her to educate the executive branch of the US government on the unique role of American Indian Tribes and their relationship with the federal government. This course was called 'Indian 101' and was taught to members of Congress and the Senate for over 35 years.In addition to her work in civil rights, world peace, the environment and women's rights, Harris is best known for introducing landmark legislation, such as land return claims to the Taos Pueblo Tribe and the Native tribes of Alaska, and returning federal recognition to the Menominee Tribe.Held in the highest regard by her colleagues for countless social and historic achievements, Harris is now passing her knowledge to a new generation of emerging Indigenous leaders. Harris' latest venture is a cutting-edge program that trains Native professionals to incorporate their own tribes' traditional values and perspectives into their work, while building a global, indigenous coalition. LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 will explore Harris' achievements, the personal struggles that led her to become a voice for Native people, and her contemporary work to reshape Indian Country in America and abroad.

63 mins/OK
Director: Julianna Brannum
Producers: Julianna Brannum, Johnny Depp