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This Maybe the Last Time

Directed by Oklahoma’s Sundance winning filmmaker Sterlin Harjo, This May Be The Last Time is the story of Muscogee Creek and Seminole hymns, a unique style of singing that blended European music with plantation gospels and indigenous music to create America’s first original music. Told through a first-person voice-over by Harjo, the film travels through rural southeastern Oklahoma to uncover the stories of these songs and meet the people that keep it alive. It's a personal film about songs that is all woven together by a mystery. The death of the filmmaker’s grandfather. It's a very exclusive world that the viewer is let in on, and by the end they will realize that these songs have shaped the modern world as we know it.

95 mins/OK
Director: Sterlin Harjo
Producers: Sterlin Harjo, Matt Leach, Christina King, Vincent LoVoi, Michael Mason